We are experts in end-to-end manufacturing & importing

We are energetic & Quality fanatics.

Flexible Disruptive Innovative.

Our footprint is global.

Bridgeport Products Inc. meets today’s global demands for both excellence and scalability. We embrace the essence of what it means to be a modern-day consumer goods supplier.

Quality materials, accessories and workmanship, those are mainstays of our operation. We are able to scale up and down with ease to meet all our customer’s needs.

This spirit has helped us grow a dynamic, all-in-one manufacturing platform for brands and retailers around the world.

The Bridgeport Products journey

CEO and Managing Director Brent W. Foster founded Bridgeport Products almost 20 years ago.

While visiting Hong Kong in 1997 Foster met a successful Chinese exporter, a man whose business was undeniably global. Intrigued, Foster wanted to learn more, and with that, a great collaboration and friendship was formed.

Foster was introduced to various factories in a multitude of product categories. After immersing himself on the ins and outs of the manufacturing and import business, he saw the seeds for change. Challenging the idea that high retail prices for products – the traditional model for brands and retailers in the United States — were the only way to do business, Foster realized his key aims: a business that could disrupt manufacturing and import models, where the highest quality product could work in harmony with lower costs.

The opportunity to marry these two worlds defines Bridgeport. A global company that acts locally, and a local company that operates with perfection on a global landscape. His vision has worked!!! Foster is now considered one of the Top Import/Export experts in his field. It is why Bridgeport is in business with those on the “A” list:

About Us

We aim to be great, one product at a time.

The company maintains a highly respected place in the manufacturing and importing landscape. We cultivate long-standing, robust relationships with factories throughout Asia.

All manufacturing materials and accessories used for our different products are meticulously sourced and purchased. By eliminating the middle-man, we can obtain direct factory pricing, giving us a competitive edge. We can also offer significant savings for our customers.

Our footprint is in the U.S – and in Asia. Our Hong Kong-based team of senior merchandisers and support staff, led by our brilliant Hong Kong/China operations manager, To Chi Ming handle all daily facets, which guide product from start to finish.

From the initial orders of raw materials with local mills, to our unyielding quality control standards, including accurate testing to honor gold standards for excellence, we meet any and all compliance regulations for each product produced.

We control our coveted landscape with an incredible attention to detail, also an eye toward adaptability. We are the experts in the manufacturing and import space for the consumer products industry.

Brent W. Foster

C.E.O & Managing Director

Brent's Bio:

Mr. Foster is an industrious Entrepreneur/Owner in the Global Manufacturing and Import business with 20+ years of experience providing 500+ consumer products across the US retail landscape, and digital platforms.

Some of Foster’s “A” list clients are: TJMaxx, Marshalls, Wal-Mart, Burlington, Ross Stores, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Disney and Warner Brothers.

Bridgeport Products, Inc., which was founded in 1999 by Foster, specializes in Sourcing, Manufacturing & Importing directly from Asia for Mass-Market Retailers, Wholesalers, Promotional Markets, Entertainment Companies, as well as eCommerce (B2B), (B2C) & Amazon (FBA).

Over the past two decades, we have established long-standing partnerships with hundreds of premier suppliers throughout Southern Asia. These key partnerships have allowed our company to develop multi-million-dollar categories in a wide spectrum of products.


• Sr. Mgt. & Buyer relationships with: “Off-Price”| “Big Box” | “Specialty” Retailers
• Global Operations
• Senior-level Business Strategist | Strategic Partnerships
• Direct Pricing with our Asian partners
• Worldwide Retail Distribution
• P&L Management & Cost Analysis
• Extensive knowledge in China Manufacturing
• Supply Chain Management
• Brand Management | Licensing | Intellectual Properties (IP)
• Private label
• Oversee all global product and category development, forecast model assortments, trending items, procurement of raw materials, merchandising and sourcing for: (bags, cases, home décor, stationary, electronic access., craft, health, packaging, sporting goods and active lifestyle brands).


• Certified & Registered with Foreign Enterprises for industry and commerce of the people’s Republic of China. License: #00530039-132350

C-TPAT, Global Security (GSV) License #A186981-859060, Prop 65, Custom Boarder Protection (CBP) Bond

I earned a Bachelor’s degree, Business Administration and Management from Arizona State (ASU)