Guardian Angelz™

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The Story of Guardian Angelz™

We were initially approached by one of our longstanding retail partners to manufacture these covers: As we are an established manufacturer in the bag space, our company was a perfect fit to start this new endeavor.

Our CEO Brent Foster, being a strong Christian, thought this was a tremendous idea. After a huge success with our first 1,200 retail customer stores nationwide, other retailers such as Burlington, Ross Stores, and TJMaxx decided to carry these new Christian products.

Today our brand, Guardian Angelz is sold at over 2,800 retail stores throughout the United States. Our high quality materials and workmanship which go into each and every piece rivals the best Christian products on the market.

Our company has had the privilege to bring millions of units of our Christian products to the retail marketplace. We bring a meaningful bible verse to each of our hand crafted (bible covers, journals & daily planners).